Corporate Identity

Vision & Mission


“we go where our vision is”

After having existed & sustained over two decades we are embarking on a major development vision to deliver new business systems and processes and ways of working to improve our efficiency and to make progress towards becoming a high performing organization. This includes a comprehensive overhaul of existing business processes and the development and implementation of the same where aiming at providing services to global and worldwide customers of any size.

In a country where logistics industry is fast establishing its credentials, EXIM has established businesses that compare with the best globally, providing cutting edge and affordable import export solutions.

Exim Strives:

  • To achieve leading position in logistics industry.
  • To be the most respected brand and preferred company for all stakeholders.
  • To be the best team & best place to work.
  • To Excel & to provide the value added service to our Customers and thereby create value for our Employees.

Our intention is to achieve the Critical Success Factors of customers. Our ambition is customer driven - we are very much aware on what is the need of the hour and our growth & development strategies are formulated accordingly. Be it achieving Managerial Excellence or Technological advancement, we envision all.

We ultimately aim to establish ourselves as the best logistics service provider by garnering the respect of our shippers and developing successful and satisfied customers and employees.